Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Welcome to the Rural School Counselor blog. I hope you will use this blog to share information, ask questions, and gain support from other school counselors working in rural Alaska.

Please feel free to add suggestions for how the blog can be used or if you think if the blog could be formatted differently. I've set it up hoping it will be a useful tool for all.

Sue Renes
Assistant Professor
University of Alaska Fairbanks


Anonymous said...

I'm an instructor for a course in school counseling and would like to know if you are still blogging. Might we communicate with you?
Best wishes,

Sue weteach blog said...

We would love to communicate with you! Where do you teach?

Sue weteach blog said...


Check out some of our resources for rural school counselors at http://www.uaf.edu/educ/graduate/counseling_resources.html


Gary said...

This time of the year, here at the end of the Yukon River, we can use all the contact we can get. I am anxious to have resource people who have common needs and experiences. I look forward to this communication, although, I'll have to learn a new set of skills because this is my first experience with blogging.

Sue weteach blog said...


Good to hear from you! It's my first experience with blogging as well, so we can learn together.

Are you at the Miller's Camp or Emmonak part of the Yukon?


Sue weteach blog said...

Adventure Classroom

Right about now you might all be ready to leave your classroom for an adventure. While that might be a bit difficult, you do have an opportunity to bring some adventure to your classroom. Helen Thayer, first woman to make a solo expedition to the magnetic North Pole, wants to donate some of her time to rural schools in Alaska. She has been to rural Alaska many times and loves it. Her goal is to connect schools in rural Alaska with schools in different parts of the world through her Web site, adventureclassroom.org. In order to do this, she is willing to come and speak at your school to get the kids interested and she is willing to do so at no cost. She will fly to your school, talk to kids, and do a formal presentation to see if students might be interested in connecting with other classrooms. Helen spoke at UAF last spring in the huge auditorium and the fire chief had to ask people sitting in the aisles to stand outside, as the room was too crowded to be safe. She is very engaging speaker and can talk about her trip to the North Pole, her trip walking across the Gobi Desert (my favorite), or any of a number of other adventures.

If this sounds like a good opportunity for your students and a heck of a lot of fun, contact me at slrenes@alaska.edu or 907-474-7696. This will be a first come, first served arrangement, so don't delay in responding if it sounds like something interesting to you.


Susan L. Renes, Ph.D. (Sue)
Assistant Professor, Counseling Program
School of Education
University of Alaska Fairbanks
PO Box 756480
Fairbanks, Alaska 99775-6480
Phone: 907-474-7696
Fax: 907-474-5451

Lindsay Pinkelman said...

What do you think about blogging a counseling program, as far as events, articles, tips to parents, etc? What are the copyright issues about referencing articles, etc?

Sue weteach blog said...


I think it is certainly an idea to try. You would have to see if the blog becomes a site that is used to check for information.

There isn't any problem referencing or talking about what is stated in an article. The only problem comes in posting an article on the blog. There is no problem if you are reporting what is in an article and giving the author credit.

I hope this helps.